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Last Updated on 11 Sept. 2014, Total: 25 White Papers

5 Active Directory Management 11 Sept. 2014
6 Cloud Computing 17 June 2014
2 Green Computing 21 Dec. 2012
1 Network Infrastructure Design and Troubleshooting 23 Oct. 2013
5 Network Monitoring and Management 13 June 2014
4 Windows Server Platform 11 Sept. 2014
2 Wireless Networking 20 June 2013
  1. Cisco Unified Computing System and Microsoft Windows Server 2012: Get the Most Complete Solution

    Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is a huge step in Microsoft’s evolution and provides an industry-leading platform for virtualization that can provide the foundation both for on-premise private clouds and for host-provided public clouds... Read More

  2. Better Together–SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, and System Center 2012

    Delivering a complete data platform for modern datacenter in the Cloud OS... Read More

  3. Cloud optimize your business with Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview

    Windows Server 2012 R2 is at the heart of the Microsoft Cloud OS and provides a unique server and datacenter platform that allows you to easily and cost-effectively cloud optimize your business... Read More

  4. Best Practices for Integrating OS X with Active Directory

    Apple’s support for Active Directory within OS X enables Mac clients and servers to integrate smoothly into existing Active Directory environments, and provides the option of deploying a single, directory services... Read More

  5. Virtualizing Active Directory Domain Services On VMware vSphere

    As the prominent directory service and authentication store, Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is in the majority of network infrastructures. This guide provides best practice guidelines for deploying AD DS on vSphere... Read More

  6. Configuring Active Directory in lifeline

    Active Directory (AD) is a technology created by Microsoft to provide a variety of network services, including LDAP directory access, Kerberos authentication, DNS-based naming and network information, and information security for user access to networked resources... Read More

  7. How to Audit the 5 Most Important Active Directory Changes

    Active Directory is the central identity store and authentication provider for most networks today making it hugely critical to security... Read More

  8. Integration platform as a service: Moving Integration to the Cloud

    Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a suite of cloud services aimed at addressing a wide range of cloud, B2B, and on-premises integration and governance scenarios... Read More

  9. Integrated service management and cloud computing

    Are you wondering about the role Integrated Service Management plays in cloud computing?... Read More

  10. MDM and beyond: Rethinking mobile security in a BYOD world

    This white paper discusses the security challenges posed by bring-your-own device (BYOD) and how they can be addressed through the management of mobile devices, apps and data... Read More

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