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Last Updated on 13 July 2006, Company: Emagine

emagiC CMS.Net is a 100% .Net 2.0 CMS framework for websites, intranets and portals. It combines content management with site and portal management. The content in the dataparts is added dynamically to the pages and can be reused. Structured content is defined through the W3C XForms standard. Everything is content, even the menu or the breadcrumb. You can add your own modules for new content types. All functionality in the CMS can be accessed from your own code through the API. In fact, the administration of the CMS also uses the same API! This makes emagiC CMS.Net a good framework for projects where you need to expand the CMS functionality or integrate with other systems.

Every page consists of a number of data parts (content blocks) that are shown within a template. A datapart can show local content, or connect to remote systems to fetch the data and show it on the website. For structured content, such as news, jobs or a full-blown product catalogues, emagiC CMS.Net uses a solution based on the W3C XForms standard. The structure of the content is first defined using the XForms standard. Based on the definition, the CMS will create the necessary database tables and administration screens for the end-user to input the data. Structured content items can be grouped into categories or linked to each other through user defined relationships. These links allow for cross-selling actions on the website.

Other features of the CMS include: rights and roles management, image gallery, document gallery, real-time link verification, wysiwyg editor, copy/move items with drag & drop, right-click context sensitive menu's, task lists, visitor statistics, auto generated dataparts, virtual staging, search engine friendly URL's, scheduled content, extranet/intranet access control, SSL.

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