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Last Updated on 19 Nov. 2003, Company: Intranet Connections

21 popular intranet applications including help desk software, form builder tool, calendars, bulletins, inventory, web content management and more. Intranet Connections was built to be highly configurable. All customization options reside within the Administration area of the product and extend from high level options such as altering the look and feel of the overall product right down to specific field level changes within an application. You are in control of how much or how little security you require for your intranet. You can choose a wide open intranet with no security, an intranet with only specific areas secured or an intranet with high security that demands a login for each user. You can also opt to use NT Authentication and Login, thereby eliminating the duplication of user logins for the intranet. Unlimited users, designed to grow with your organization.

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