Zilab Remote Console Server

Last Updated on 7 Nov. 2005, Company: Zilab Software

Zilab Remote Console Server, as its name implies, is a remote access server for Windows XP/2000/NT that works with console-based and DOS legacy applications. It runs as a regular network service for Windows NT/2000/XP and features multiple user support, dynamic console size tracking, transparent client side printing, port forwarding, session logs, and, most importantly, functions properly even when a connection is disrupted. It re-establishes connection or gracefully terminates a session if a certain (user specified) time period has passed. Zilab Remote Console Server offers two important features that make this software standout. First, it provides the ability to print any information from the console application hosted on a server directly on a local printer. This feature works accurately even when multiple users are connected. Second, unlike older telnet/SSH applications, Zilab Remote Console Server displays console panel without distortions and supports mouse, function keys and hotkey combinations (like Ctrl+C). The connection and data transfer speeds are very fast.

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