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Last Updated on 7 Sept. 2010, Company: NORTHERN Parklife

You can't offer open access to storage resources and then hope for efficient usage. Controlling and allocating space is essential to any successful storage strategy. If you control the access, you will control the costs.

Disk Quotas (managed in NSS:Quota Server) is the most natural starting point in building a solid storage strategy. Setting quotas will easily let you:
- Show users what reasonable storage use is - define an upper limit.
- Allow storage to grow in a controlled and sustainable manner.
- Promote efficient usage and streamline backup/restore times.

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  1. Power User Thu, 1 May 2003 02:00

    Quota Server 5.4

    We extensivly use the quota server products on over 15,000 directories. For the most part it works great; however there are some flaky problems with initialization of directories and sometimes users are able to go over their quota by serveral gigs. They have not been prompt about fixing these issues.

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