Last Updated on 1 Sept. 2011, Company: Scalable Software Limited

WinINSTALL provides PC lifecycle management, enabling you to automatically deploy, update, and manage software or security for desktops, servers, and notebook computers. With its Client Reset Template approach, the integrated WinINSTALL suite allows IT administrators to define process workflows that dynamically manage PCs and other devices from purchase to retirement.

WinINSTALL capabilities let IT administrators implement each stage in the PC lifecycle so it can be built upon during future stages or reused for common management tasks. WinINSTALL functionality provides a way to deploy software, migrate hardware, secure desktops, track assets, and adhere to internal as well as external compliance standards.

Includes: MSI packaging; Unattended remote client reset; Inventory-based distribution; Global schedule jobs; Intelligent multicast replication; Complete system repair; Drag and drop configuration management; Backup/restore user personality and locally saved data from a single PC; Centralized reporting functions, and more...

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