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Last Updated on 21 Feb. 2013, Company: GSX Solutions

GSX Solutions has become the leader in Monitoring and Reporting solution for collaborative and messaging environment by proposing tools that streamline and optimize IT resources. GSX is working with more than 600 customers worldwide, 70% of them are Fortune 500.

We provide an agentless and pro-active solution, GSX Monitor & Analyzer that gives a real time view on the user experience and the service delivered to your end-user. It assures around-the-clock availability and performance for Exchange and SharePoint. GSX Monitor & Analyzer constantly monitor the performances of the Exchange infrastructure and provides pinpoint alerts that enable administrators to head off emerging issues before they impact the business and dramatically reducing user complaints. Our reporting solution enables you to get a detailed and automatic reporting on the size, the performance and usage and to follow your SLA’s. It enables the administration team to be in several places at the same time, every day. They are freed up to work on other tasks, confident that GSX Monitor & Analyzer is watching and will alert them if critical systems require attention as well as automatically deliver the reports they need on availability, performance and usage of their platform.

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GSX Solutions provides out-of-the box monitoring to ensure your applications are performing the way they should, all around the world, whether they're on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud. GSX also provides advanced usage reporting tool for Office 365.

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