Britestream SSL Security Solution

Last Updated on 19 Jan. 2011, Company: Britestream Networks

Britestream data privacy technology provides a secure, scalable and simple SSL security solution for processing SSL-encrypted network traffic for Microsoft Windows Server System applications: ISA Server, IIS, Exchange and SharePoint. Britestream Networks provides an SSL security solution for the growing challenge of data security. SSL can often impose a significant performance penalty on a Windows application server. This results in the need to provide more server hardware than necessary just to implement SSL for secure IIS web transactions or Exchange 2003 access through OWA, RPC over HTTP, OMA or ActiveSync. The Britestream SSL security NIC provides full 100 SSL offload and termination. This allows for a Secure ISA Server application that maximizes performance for its primary function, application layer packet inspection. Now SSL security can be turned on by default in more server applications for data privacy and security, both inside and outside of the network, from clients using Internet Explorer or Outlook 2003.

Very often ISA Server is used as an application firewall for high volume transaction web sites or Exchange environments. SSL security is the default method to secure transmissions from the browser or Outlook client. The Britestream SSL security NIC offers 100% offload and termination for this extremely processor intensive function. It completely offloads the SSL security termination and processing from ISA allowing it to do its deep packet inspection of the data. Together, Britestream and ISA Server offer superior SSL security and performance, with no penalty for simply activating SSL, whether connecting from inside or outside of the network.

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