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Last Updated on 13 June 2014, Company: Zoho Corp.

Zoho Assist provides the easiest options to establish connection with a Remote Computer in seconds, even if the remote system is behind a firewall, proxy or corporate network. Once connected to the remote computer, control its mouse and keyboard as if it were in front of you and effectively manage your support tasks.

Remote support with Zoho Assist is simple, fast and affordable. It includes, Browser based session initiation, no pre-installation of software required, Easy connection options for remote users - support link by email, chat or join from a web page, Connect to remote PCs in any network, even through firewalls, proxies or NAT, Secure - information transmitted through 128-bit SSL and AES Encrypted connections, Remotely connect and control PCs running on Windows, Linux or Mac, Packed with features for fast and effective Remote Support (remote PC diagnostics, built-in file transfer), Customized support portal for IT / Computer support services and organizations, Pay as you go service that provides good quality at minimum cost.

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