Shavlik NetChk Protect

Last Updated on 25 Sept. 2008, Company: Shavlik Technologies, LLC

Shavlik NetChk Protect automates the management of critical security patches, spyware, malware and unwanted software applications from one console. Shavlik NetChk Protect offers an enterprise solution for detecting, removing and managing these critical threats and vulnerabilities with Active Vulnerability Management. Shavlik's solutions maintain secure, policy-compliant networks through automatic and continuous Assessment, Remediation and Management.

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  1. Security Guy Fri, 12 Dec. 2008 01:00

    Not Impressed...

    The Bad:

    You have to open a lot of ports on the pc's firewall to get this to work. The support is terrible (even with basic questions). Their support "Knowledge Base" is just a web Forum. The suggested specs run the CPU at 100% utilization. When I asked why it always runs at 100% utilization, the tech said it is normal even though it exceeded the suggested specs. The GUI is not user friendly and takes a while to get accustomed to.

    The Good:

    It has a lot of different reporting features. It was easy to setup.

  2. Axel Larson Fri, 5 Dec. 2003 01:00


    Shavlik changed their 50 clients offer to 10 clients and one server. Also replacing a machine with a new uses 2 clients. Version updates occur automatically and the version 4 update refuses to honor the 50-client license.

  3. Bill Mercer Thu, 6 Nov. 2003 01:00


    Watch out for absurd minimum upgrade quantities and huge restrictions.

  4. Mark Strovink Mon, 11 Aug. 2003 02:00


    Taking a lesson from the drug trade, Shavlik lets you get hooked on HFNetChkPro by using it for FREE for up to 50 clients. The free version, HFNetChkLt, is the commercial version with a different (free) license key from Shavlik. Easy to get hooked and want more.

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