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Last Updated on 26 April 2010, Company: Zoho Corp

Security Manager Plus is a network security scanner that proactively reports on network vulnerabilities and helps to remediate them and ensure compliance. With vulnerability scanning, open ports detection, patch management, Windows file/folder/registry change management and vulnerability reporting capabilities, Security Manager Plus protects the network from security threats and malicious attacks. SMP provides detailed inventory of the network assets, assesses network vulnerabilities and identifies devices that are exposed. By deploying missing patches/updates and service packs, SMP automatically remediates some open threats to the systems. SMP also provides solutions to mitigate risks and secure IT environment and generates comprehensive audit reports for compliance and understanding. The main features of SMP include: Vulnerability Scanning, Open Ports Detection, Hardware/ Software Inventories, Patch Management, Windows Change Management, Audit Reports, PCI DSS Compliance Reporting.

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  1. Justin Thu, 22 Sept. 2005 02:00

    Does more for less

    The features offered (especially with the launch of the 4.1) version for the price it sells for, is a big return on investment. I even hear that upgrades are free and these guys roll out features very quickly.. Great going !!

    GoManage Tech

  2. Sheldon Fri, 1 July 2005 02:00

    Extremely easy to use

    PatchQuest is great... the best part about it is it is so easy to use and gets going without much initial configurations. And it accurate and trouble free.

    Organix Inc

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