Spinpike Content Management System

Last Updated on 17 April 2004, Company: SavvyBox Systems

SpinPike is a content management system which offers a host of features such as: Usability-tested administration interface, Special installer that easily installs the system on a server, High-level functions that considerably save templates coding time, WYSIWYG editor and intuitive site management tools. System modules include: Version management - unlimited number of site versions. Create any language version that will differ from the others in the graphic or content look and feel. Section management - full control over the site structure: add, delete or edit the required section. The sections are arranged in a tree with unlimited nesting levels Content management - manage the content with the help of a full-scale Visual Editor WYSIWYG that has all the major features of MS Word Administrator management - unlimited number of administrators with different permissions. Access management - assign authorization for different user groups to access different site sections.

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