Sentry-go Quick Service Availability Monitor

Last Updated on 29 July 2003, Company: 3Ds (UK) Limited

Sentry-go is a monitoring and alerting utility that continually monitors your SQL Server environment 24 hours a day. With many pre-configured options for the server and SQL Server, you'll be up and monitoring in minutes. All settings are fully customisable.

Out of the box monitoring features include service monitoring, event log & SQL Server log file monitoring, disk space, server, SQL Server & database performance (preconfigured & custom) SQL connectivity & query status, lock & long running query monitoring.

Automatic action can be taken in response to a monitored failure - e.g. launch an external application, restart a failed service, clear down temporary files to conserve disk space, or Administrators can be alerted using a variety of notification options including e-mail, network messaging, database and log. The Alert Engine additionally allows any scriptable responses to be taken - e.g. to use your SMS or pager provider.

In addition to background monitoring, the integrated web server gives you real-time access to the monitoring engine directly from your desktop web browser. Reporting features include recent alerts, current server status, interactive SQL sessions, locking, current activity & logging.

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