PacketTrap IT Network Management Solution

Last Updated on 6 April 2011, Company: ScriptLogic Corporation

PacketTrap IT is a comprehensive and affordable network monitoring and IT infrastructure management solution. PacketTrap's ease of install use combine with broad and deep monitoring capabilities to provide administrators with unprecedented visibility into the performance of the network itself, as well as the devices and applications running on the network. PacketTrap is able to monitor all the devices on your network, including routers, switches, firewalls, servers, desktops, VoIP, virtual servers and wireless access points. With PacketTrap's own ptFlow technology you can monitor NetFlow, sFlow and J-Flow enabled devices, and even unsupported devices; ensuring that you can monitor traffic on all your network devices. The most common benefit PacketTrap users realize stems from our ability to pinpoint the specific problems on the network and see where its coming from. PacketTrap also provides automatically updated, easy-to-view network diagrams and advanced email and SMS alerts.

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