Enterprise Permission Reporter

Last Updated on 19 Dec. 2014, Company: NETsec GmbH & Co. KG

If you are an administrator in an Active Directory environment then you want to know what's happening in your environment. That means being able to audit changes to things like NTFS permissions on shared folders and files, membership in security groups, and permissions on objects in Active Directory. If you only have the in-box tools on the Windows Server platform, you're limited to either monitoring these things manually or writing custom scripts.

NETsec Enterprise Permission Reporter (EPR) addresses exactly these needs and more. EPR lets you generate reports for file system permissions, security group memberships, and Active Directory permissions. EPR reports can be generated either manually as they are needed, or automatically when specific changes occur in your environment. Reports can also be scheduled for creation on a recurring basis, sorted and filtered to display only the information needed, and exported as CSV files so they can be imported into Microsoft Excel for analysis.

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