Active Monitoring System

Last Updated on 4 July 2004, Company: Talcorp Australia Pty Ltd

A.M.S. - active monitoring system, makes it possible to help monitor and control activity of individual users in realtime. A.M.S. is server / client software sold as licence packages to suit the number of computers you wish to monitor. Features include: Monitor Individual Users Activities (Software & Websites; Control Access to Programs and Files; Stop Users Installing Software; Block Downloading Files; Block Software; Block Websites; Detect the use of File-sharing software; Stop High Bandwidth Usage

No physical presence is needed to monitor computers. Now network administrators can monitor large networks from one location. A.M.S. can be configured to STOP users performing activities you have chosen. If required, it can also suspend individual users' access automatically and reinstate their access after an administrator defined period! A.M.S. functions is 'realtime' so that preset activities can be 'killed' instantly and automatically, without waiting for human intervention. A.M.S. allows centralised event viewing via over the network.

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