SofTrack Quick Inventory

Last Updated on 5 July 2006, Company: Integrity Software, Inc.

SofTrack's Quick Inventory Agent determines in less than 20 seconds per workstation (less than 45 seconds for Macintosh computers) which applications are installed on all your Windows-based and Macintosh workstations. Quick Inventory also provides several hardware details of each Windows-based and Macintosh workstations throughout your enterprise. SofTrack's Quick Inventory can also be used to collect software and hardware inventory data for remote/disconnected workstations such as laptops that are not directly connected to your enterprise network.

SofTrack's Quick Inventory data gathering modules can be configured to run from a logon script or other startup method. The modules can also be configured to be run automatically by the SofTrack Local Workstation Agent. SofTrack's Quick Inventory reports include change tracking which can be used to discover: Applications being installed including serial number; Applications that have been added and/or removed; Windows Hotfixes and service packs installed; Windows Hotfixes and service packs removed; Internet Explorer updates; TCP/IP address changes per workstation; Machine BIOS revision changes; Physical RAM modifications; CPU changes; User Accounts Added/Removed (Macintosh only); and more!

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