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Manage and collect all hardware and software information from all windows computers in your network. Calculate license costs, create alert reports, maintain allowed software, get active directory information all without installing an agent on your computers. All administrators in your company can browse the computer details, can run custom actions and can view reports in the intuitive web interface. If standard reports are not enough for you, why not build your own based on custom files and registry keys that you can scan.


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  1. Moorken Tue, 25 Jan. 2011 01:00

    happy lansweeper admin

    We have been using lansweeper for more then a year now and are very happy with the product, great active directory integration and easy adaptable queries make this software a real pleasure to use


  2. Boo Tue, 30 Nov. 2010 01:00

    No granular rights management

    Access is controlled at the IIS server using Windows Authentication and a hack in webconfig file.

    Inside the system it's not possible to seperate eg. IT supporter users from an Lansweeper "administrator".

    It's not possible to config the dashboard containing the information you need either.


    Not for my department.

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