Last Updated on 12 July 2006, Company: InnDevelop Technologies

AssetFocus is a tool that automatically collects information on software, hardware and files from an enterprise computer network. First of all you get an overview of who and how many has an installation of i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Access or Kazaa. AssetFocus recognizes more than 11,000 applications and versions. Secondly you get hardware information on i.e. CPU type and speed, monitor, size of hard disk, net card, RAM memory from all computers on the network. Furthermore you get an overview on i.e. music and film files on the network, where they are and their size.

With AssetFocus you can control your licenses. Via the build-in license module, you can register all vital license information, i.e. number of licenses, license keys, serial numbers, purchase dates etc. AssetFocus documents how many installations you have per application. After this the system can compare the number of licenses with the number of software installations and you can generate reports. The scan runs automatically via the login-script and without installations on the client. The actual scan runs invisible to the user and only uses 5-20 % CPU usage.

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