Network Topology Mapper

Last Updated on 5 Dec. 2014, Company: SolarWinds, Inc.

Finally, you can put down your whiteboard markers and relax while Network Topology Mapper from SolarWinds does the network mapping for you. Automatically discovering and diagraming network topology, Network Topology Mapper supports multiple discovery methods including SNMP, ICMP, CDP, VMware, and more. Export network maps to Microsoft Office® Visio®, PDF, and PNG formats and receive reports on switch ports, VLANs, subnets, and inventory. Network Topology Mapper also addresses reporting needs for PCI compliance and other regulatory requirements.

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  1. Ubiquit Fri, 30 Jan. 2015 10:21

    I just tried the latest version and looks like there are a couple new features. I was able to create new maps (many such maps), from a single scan - i.e., without rescanning. Previously, had to rescan every time I wanted a new map. Also now, I could simply exclude my lab and dmz devices using the do-not-scan feature. Why didn't they include this before? Better late than never!

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