Stellar Phoenix for NTFS

Last Updated on 9 April 2015, Company: Stellar Information Technology

Stellar Phoenix Windows NT, 2000, XP Data Recovery Software helps you in recovering your all important data after disk crash due to accidental format, virus problems, software malfunction, file/directory deletion or even a sabotage! Stellar Phoenix NT Data Recovery software examines your in accessible hard drive and shows you the data that is present in the hard disk. Simple disk recovery process requires you to only select listed files & directories and copy to a working drive.

Phoenix File recovery software is particularly helpful to recover NT servers, for Corporate and Large organizations having voluminous data after a disk crash.

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  1. Joseph Wed, 8 Feb. 2006 01:00

    Internet Marketing

    This is a remarkable software, it is boon for my business.. It has recovered all my lost data which other software were unable to recover.

    Thank You

    Stellar Phoenix


  2. James Mon, 28 Feb. 2005 01:00

    Worked very well for me

    I had an NTFS disk in my portable become inaccessible yesterday afternoon, it was being replaced and something must have written back wrong info during some misguided swapping.

    The demo version was able to list the complete directory structure and all files. CHKDISK would not even run.

    I purchased the full version and recovered all the files I realised I wanted to keep (after the crash) but had not backed up.

    While I recognise different failures may be handled better or worse by different software in my case your product worked excellently and quickly. 100 out of 100 points

    I don't understand why there are not more positive reviews on the web for this product, it certainly deserve recognition. The demo version worked and the presentation of the product was very professional.

  3. jdietrich Fri, 19 Nov. 2004 01:00

    don't buy, waste of money

    Takes weeks (yes, weeks) to scan a 40 GByte hard drive, never finds anything, but says it has found over 1,000 GBytes (and still counting) files and folders on a 40 GByte hard drive!!

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