GFI Network Server Monitor

Last Updated on 4 April 2011, Company: GFI Software

GFI Network Server Monitor automatically monitors the network & servers for failures. It allows you to identify issues and fix unexpected conditions before your users (or managers) report them to you! Alerts can be sent by email, pager or SMS, for instant problem notification. Actions, such as rebooting a machine, restarting a service or running a script can be done automatically.

Built-in monitoring rules include: Exchange Server 2000/2003, MS SQL, Oracle and ODBC databases, Active Directory & NTDS, Disk Drive health, TCP, UDP, ICMP/Ping, SMTP & POP3 Mail Servers, Printers, Processes, Services, UNIX Shell Scripts (RSH), SNMP & Terminal Server. You can also write custom monitor functions in VBscript and leverage ADSI and WMI, allowing you to monitor virtually anything.

GFI Network Server Monitor tests the status of a service by actually logging on, testing and logging off, rather than deducing a service status from generated events (as other products do), which is the only real way to ensure server uptime!

GFI Network Server Monitor is easy to set up and use, and is competitively priced. A free, fully functional, 30-day trial is available for download on our website.


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  1. Jerome R Mon, 8 Aug. 2011 02:00

    Web interface not great

    Same here...Web Interface is not updated. But all the checks are ok when run manually.


  2. Jimmy Jams Sat, 18 June 2011 02:00

    Web interface not great

    The remote login feature that allows you to login and check the status of devices does not update correctly. I have GFI NSM installed on 2 networks and it performs the checks and will email me if something fails. When I log in and check the statuses manually the web interface does not update correctly. It says the last checks were performed over a month ago. If I sit at the computer used to monitor with and check statuses, everything is working fine.


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