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Last Updated on 11 Nov. 2004, Company: CZ Solution

CZ Print Job Tracker 3.0 is a tool that allows centralized tracking, auditing and managing of print jobs for the local and network printers (including both shared and non-shared printers) while lowering your print cost and reducing maintainence time. This software requires no changes to your current printers and network settings. Here are some major features: Provides 55 FREE Reports including 31 default reports and 24 customized reports for your print cost analysis. Capture detailed print job information. Pause, resume, restart or cancel one or multiple print jobs on different printers at one time. Cancel all print jobs on all printers automatically at a user-defined time. Show the printed jobs and deleted jobs in a user-defined time frame. Show total number, total pages, and total cost of print jobs in real time. Provide easy access to the printer folder where you can add, remove, configure local and network printer. Export all or partial print job data as Excel, HTML, and Text file. Stores print job data in Microsoft Access data format.

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