IP PBX Servers

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IP PBX Servers

  1. HERO Hosted PBX

    Dialexia’s HERO hosted PBX software is a cutting-edge cloud-based PBX solution for businesses and a guaranteed source of revenues for operators wanting to provide customers with hosted PBX services. Installed at the premises of telecom operators carriers and service providers, HERO hosted PBX software provides businesses of all sizes with secure and reliable VoIP phone services, saving them the hassle... Read More

  2. Hosted PBX

    XO Hosted PBX is cloud-based. With our Hosted PBX, there is less to manage and far less to lose from natural disasters, cut cables, or malicious intruders. Our PBX is future-proof so you never have to worry about upgrades. Plus, you'll experience superior HD voice call quality with service managed over the XO Tier 1 nationwide network... Read More

  3. SwyxWare SmartOffice

    Swyx has an attractive offering for micro-enterprises: SwyxWare SmartOffice - single-source provision of SwyxExpress X20 and SwyxWare licenses. Highlights of SwyxWare SmartOffice include Single-source provision with server hardware and licenses, Server operating system Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (Telco Edition) included, SwyxWare preinstalled: no installation required and Ideal for businesses with up to 20 workers (SwyxExpress X20 Hardware)... Read More

  4. Vertical MBX IP

    MBX IP is a reliable, feature-rich converged solution that delivers digital and VoIP capability in a single package that provides hundreds of telephony features. Features like Call Forward, SMDR, VoIP, Internal/External Paging and Least Cost Routing. MBX IP architecture gives you all the tools you need, when you need them. Add applications with a simple license key... Read More

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