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Track-It! IT Help Desk Software includes everything you need for IT Help Desk, Asset and Change Management. Full featured, easy to deploy, easy to use and cost-effective, Track-It! Help Desk is designed specifically with the needs of small to mid-sized organizations in mind.

Track-It! IT Help Desk Software includes, helpdesk, work order ticket tracking, incident and problem management, knowledge management, service level management, asset management, change management, software license management, mobile device access, end-user self-service and more.

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  1. partha Ragavan Mon, 20 Nov. 2006 01:00

    Trackit Reports and Audit

    We had been using trackit since 6.0 We had troubles since day 1. It took close to 30 minutes just to log in. People hit the log in button go get their coffee have a chat and come back before it logs in. The performance began to reduce by the second. Upgrading to 7 was the solution suggested. Fixed the log in problems but most of the reports dont work. Most of them throw out messages that only developers understand. The support is another area where this product has its dificulties. The problem that needed a fix was in development for more than two months when we were promised 2 days. This product that is supposed to make our lives easier has literally made a hell of it. I agree with harold on rating it a 1 because 0 is not an option.

    United Illuminating

  2. Rob Wed, 8 Feb. 2006 01:00

    Who designs this?

    We have been using Track-it since version 3, and it just seems to get worse every version. It is not intuitive as far as how assets are managed and work orders/support tickets entered. Since v6.5, it is extremely slow, and support can only manage to speed it up for a day or two, when it returns to what only seems to be even slower. Even cancelling changes takes forever. I am not evaluating the new v7, and while I have not gotten to verify if some of the speed issues have been corrected, the new software licensing and asset management features follow the same patterns that they have in the past. The software licensing features creates items in 2 different places, which should be linked, but do not appear to function that way, creating duplicate items. The asset discovery features will discover printers and other devices, and though it will call them by the correct name (i.e. calling a printer a printer) in inventory, in essence, they are still treated like PCs. All of the trackable details in inventory still only pertain to PCs. For example, whether it is a printer, switch, or laptop, etc, the only available information is HD, memory, video card, IP Address, sound card, installed programs, etc. When discovering other items, all it does it find the name. It doesn't even tell you what the model is for the device. As a matter of fact, you have to tell it that it's a printer, or other device.! These things really need to be planned better.

  3. Bret Brutlag Fri, 19 Nov. 2004 01:00


    I have been using trackit for several versions now and have no particular issues. Some of the reporting is lame , but you can easily make custom reports using Crystal Reports. There is a definate performance increase with version 6.5 as it basically cut the ties with the web version.and technicians use a client instead.

  4. Cor Fri, 25 June 2004 02:00

    Trackit 6 and MS sec packs just made it even slower

    We use 6 for a while now and because we started on this version we really do not know what fast speed is to begin with :-). But, recently we applied the MS critical server patches and this just made the app soooo sloowwwww! Clicking the icon to get the logon screen can take up to 5 minutes. Switching between trackit calls and updating them takes at least 30 seconds and most of the time longer.

    It has almost become unworkable. We did disable the virus scan on the trackit folder without any luck....

  5. Carlos Mon, 17 May 2004 02:00

    Trackit 6

    I agree with the previous comments. It is a shame that these people trashed such nice application. I've had to upgrade due to support issues so I know about the pain they're talking about. I can believe how these people can sell such crappy software. I have been able to get few things to work almost as good as they did on previous versions but it has not been fun.

    Line 6

  6. Harold Sat, 3 April 2004 02:00


    I agree with Max. We used version 4 which pretty much ran without errors. Version 6 is trash. If you can get an upgrade to work the audits take forever. Support is friendly, but you'll never get the same answer twice. The users manual is worthless and support hours are only from 8 to 5. If you get tasked with installing this headache you have my sympathies. By the way, I rate it a 1 only because 0 is not an option.


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