Polar Help Desk for .NET

Last Updated on 22 Dec. 2004, Company: Polar software

Polar HelpDesk is a web based application for online support to employees and web customers. Key features include a billing Centre - which enables calculating income for the work of all support team members and supplies the manager with the different reports about income and outcome. Communication Centre - Use it to send emails to the support team members as well as to the customers. Ticket Wizard - Allows you to open the ticket on behalf of a client/employee.

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  1. Taka Tue, 3 Aug. 2004 02:00

    not sure

    I've been trying to get polarsoftwares trial verison of helpdesk and knowledge base to work properly. I've been getting a lot of error pages. For example, when trying to create a folder for the knowledge base, after submitting it, it takes me to a dead page. (error message, page does not exsist) Also, i dont know why their ASP files work on some windows servers and not on others. I finally managed to get this software working after reinstalling my OS. Other ticket system softwares never seem to have this problem. But at the same time, I haven't really seen any bad responces to this software.

    But my current state of mind is... If im pulling my hair out just to get their trial version to work properly, is it worth buy the full version?


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