Lepide Active Directory Self Service

Last Updated on 22 March 2016, Company: Lepide Software

We understand that IT departments are frequently inundated with employee requests for password resets and account unlocks and this has a direct effect on productivity. We know that there is a better way, and Active Directory Self Service is our solution. It empowers employees to perform these types of tasks on their own, freeing up the IT department to focus on more important activities. Administrators simply need to ensure that users enroll with the software (either manually or automatically through bulk enrolment with the help of a pre-formatted CSV file) and this will then enable them to reset their passwords, unlock their accounts and update their profiles with ease.

The solution is also handy for administrators as it can generate reports that provide the number of password expired users, account locked users, and users with imminently expiring passwords.

Lepide Self Service Solution is completely secure as it authenticates users through security question & answers and/or OTP before allowing them to use the facilities. This system will help to reduce IT help desk costs as well as employee waiting time.

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