Goverlan v8

Last Updated on 23 June 2014, Company: PJ Technologies, Inc.

Globally and dynamically control & manage your systems. With SureDATA, Goverlan’s real-time & database-driven query engine, get the most complete and accurate view on every machine, online or offline. Goverlan Modules include:

Administration & Diagnostics: Find logged-in console/VDI/RDP/Citrix® sessions by username and remotely shadow. Instantly access extended troubleshooting & management tools. Scope Actions: Globally deploy custom installer packages & hot fixes within minutes. Get instant access to inventory data from online & offline machines. Remote Control: Remotely control and monitor multiple machines/devices (including Telenet/SSH) in one dashboard view. Intel® vPro™ features include BIOS level KVM, ISO mounting and power options. WMIX: Access extended WMI repositories, auto-generate WMI Scripts or create queries using the WQL wizard for GPO Filters or SCCM. Central Server: Get secure & centralized management of audit, authorization & agent settings.

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