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GoToAssist (formerly DesktopStreaming) is a secure Web-based screen-sharing solution designed for support centers and help desks that downloads in seconds from the Web and enables full remote desktop sharing with mutual mouse and keyboard control, chat, Web page push and file transfer.

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  1. Justin Tue, 14 Feb. 2006 01:00

    Giving customers the run around

    I like the Software: it has a great user interface, and plays well with firewalls. Unfortunately, that's about where the pro's end. Recently Citrix lowered their prices to match a competitor (LogMeIn Rescue), but made their current customers pay the full price until they resubscribe.

    How can I be assured that I won't be ripped off if there is another price drop?

  2. David Zonghi Wed, 8 Feb. 2006 01:00

    Angry Customer!

    The first comment on this review had it right... the pricing kills the program. As an existing customer, I am furious that they are charging me the full price, while newer customers get a signficant discount.

    I like the product, but dislike the customer service to the point that I am looking at competitors.

  3. Adam Wed, 20 July 2005 02:00


    i was honestly impressed by the guys and gals at citrix for putting this together. it's a good product and has some definite potential but the pricing absolutely kills it. why would i want to pay a couple grand for this when i can pay less then 1/8 with logmein rescue or network streaming support desk.

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