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Last Updated on 3 Dec. 2004, Company: Dapper Desk

Dapper Desk's flexibility works via intranet or internet. Open support requests via login or send an email to create a support ticket. Full statistical reporting. Compatiable with any network and server that has MySQL and PHP to be installed.

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  1. Tom Read Fri, 24 April 2009 02:00

    Dapper Desk Works for Us

    I am an IT manager and I was given the task to find a suitable client management portal/help desk software program for our company. We have over 5000 clients so I wanted it to be robust.

    It took weeks of viewing web sites, downloading free trials, etc. But, I finally came across Dapper Desk. It was love at first site. The company who made this software has done a fantastic job of packing in a lot of features, while still maintaining a simplistic approach to the software for the end-users.

    Installation was provided free and so is support for 12 months. So far, after 6 months, we are extremely happy. I recommend this software.

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