CCS Service Request

Last Updated on 19 Nov. 2013, Company: Crow Canyon Systems, Inc.

CCS Service Request adds workflow, notifications, assignment and reporting features to turn Outlook into a powerful service desk application that is easy to use and deploy across your organization.

CCS Service Request fits any issue/service tracking need. Template plug-ins provide a jump-start for your service desk needs.


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  1. Vonna Pitel Mon, 8 Aug. 2011 02:00

    Group mail failure notices

    I have several group mails that I use. Unfortunately, MS Outlook 2010 does not tell me whose e-mail did not work when it comes. It just lets me know there was a failure. My old e-mail program told me the persohn whose e-mail did not go through. This is very frustrating. I also have a group mail that will not send perhaps because of one e-mail address.

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