GlassWire Network Monitor

Last Updated on 25 Aug. 2014, Company: GlassWire Network Monitor

GlassWire is a free security network monitor and firewall tool for Windows. View the graph to see a visual representation of your network activity. Click the graph to find out what apps and hosts your computer or server is communicating with. GlassWire keeps a log of network activity up to 30 days. Set up GlassWire's remote monitoring feature to monitor servers.

GlassWire also monitors the network for security problems like malicious hosts, arp spoofing, unexpected DNS or host changes, strange application changes and much more. Go to the "Usage" tab to see what applications and hosts are using the most data on the network. If an application is using too much data or acting suspiciously it can be automatically blocked under GlassWire firewall management tab.

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