Sherpa Archive Attender for Exchange

Last Updated on 6 May 2014, Company: Sherpa Software

Archive Attender automatically archives messages and attachments to an external storage device from Exchange mailboxes, public folders and network accessible PST files. Management is executed through an application interface that can be used to setup the schedule, search the indexed archives and view reports. With Archive Attender, administrators can also allow end users to view and search for their archived messages through either OWA or Outlook. Archive Attender assists companies with storage and compliance requirements while offering a flexible archiving architecture that does not require a SQL database or proprietary hardware.

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  1. Michael Kemperstein Mon, 5 June 2006 02:00

    Archive Attender

    It was a very good product. Easy installation and straight forward. What stood out was the quality of support. The AA guys were most helpful when I was installing the Exchange version. (We didn't have need of tech support with the Notes version - the only problem that we were having was fixed by the recent update before we got a chance to send it in.) They went above and beyond and actually helped me with Notes as opposed to just AA. They never tried to rush me, and made sure that everything was running smoothly before getting off the call, as opposed to other places where they just solve the immediate problem and let you fend for yourself for the rest of the way.

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