Last Updated on 12 May 2003, Company: Ecatenate Ltd

Ecatenate dbLockdown is a database security tool to protect SQL Server and MSDE databases. The tool encrypts stored procedures, triggers, user defined functions and views, stopping users from viewing or editing them. Encrypted database object scripts are automatically archived in a secure archive database and can be restored at any time. dbLockdown uses SQL Server's native encryption and therefore does not compromise the functionality of database scripts. The tool is ideal for administrators and developers who need to lockdown production databases or databases shipped with products.

Features: Encrypt database object scripts for stored procedures, triggers, user defined functions and views, Restore database object scripts, Automatically archives all encrypted database object scripts, Track database object script versions to prevent loss of incremental script changes, One-click encrypt and restore for individual database object scripts or all database object scripts in database, View original scripts for encrypted database object scripts, Generate and export (DROP/CREATE) scripts to restore encrypted database object scripts, Explorer user interface (similar to SQL Server Enterprise Manager), Manage encryption and restoration for unlimited SQL Servers (requires dbLockdown Enterprise Edition).

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