SQL Source Control 2003

Last Updated on 29 Jan. 2003, Company: Skilled Software

The solution avaliable for Microsoft SQL Server developers, that enables source control and comprehensive documentation of your databases. Visual Source Safe integration enables full source control and documentation versioning for SQL Server 2000. HTML documentation reports, easy SQL Server database items management, teamwork development.

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  1. anonymous Wed, 11 Aug. 2004 02:00

    Needs a lot of work

    Don't bother with this product. the demo only allows you a few objects to test with. Then you buy the full product and use it on a real production database and watch the product CRAWL.

    Product IMHO should be in beta because of serious bugs and performance issues let alone the fact the checking out an object grabs it from the DB server and NOT from source safe.

    Worst, the company has a "NO REFUND POLICY". my friend got burned.

    be warned

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