Full Convert Enterprise

Last Updated on 17 May 2005, Company: Spectral Core GmbH

Full Convert provides a way to convert data of many databases. Target database structure is displayed in tree-like browser with multiselect, allowing you to easily navigate through huge databases. All your actions are recorded and can be executed later for a new data snapshot. There is no need to create mappings from source tables and columns to target.

Features: Browse through your target database and perform advanced actions; Conversion can be cancelled; All errors are logged; Invalid field values are converted as s and logged on which row they occured; Examine tables' data in advanced grid, memo fields can be examined in multi-line view; Multiselect - perform actions on multible objects at once; View all SQL commands issued to database during conversion process for revision; Change structure of database; Extract columns and data to another table with all links preserved; Merge tables and more...

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