PHD Virtual ReliableDR

Last Updated on 6 Feb. 2013, Company: PHD Virtual Technologies

PHD Virtual ReliableDR is an innovative disaster recovery solution for VMware environments that assures business continuity by automating recovery to meet demanding SLAs and to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of failover, failback and testing.

ReliableDR’s disaster recovery assurance provides fully automated disaster recovery failover, failback and testing; automatic certification that RPOs and RTOs will be achieved; and guaranteed failover of virtualized applications and business services. Additional features include enhanced compliance reporting, application testing and replication, as well as additional hardware storage support with automated failover and failback for Nimble Storage arrays. ReliableDR also includes highly efficient snapshots and replication to eliminate the gap in application-aware assurance for recovery purposes. ReliableDR guarantees recovery of applications and virtual machines within corresponding SLAs – an invaluable benefit in today’s IT environment.

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