Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Last Updated on 9 April 2015, Company: Stellar Information Technology

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is an advanced and easy to use Windows Partition Recovery Software which can scan, locate and safely recover the lost data. This non-destructive Partition Recovery application uses powerful scanning algorithms and supports Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000

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  1. Martin Crow Fri, 28 Aug. 2009 02:00

    Best Windows Data Recovery Software

    I found this software best in every respect. I had written a review for this software and had time to check out allthe features of this software. Through my personal experience, i can say that this is one of the best data recovery software i have ever used.

    Features of this software:

    Easy to use

    Good Email recovery

    Photo Recovery


    Raw recovery and many more

    I give this software 5 out of 5...

    best of luck stellar...

  2. James Fortunato Mon, 22 Oct. 2007 02:00

    Stellar Phoenix review

    About 2 or 3 years ago, I had used Partition Magic to resize my C: drive and nothing seemed to go wrong but when it restarted, I got absolutely nothing. It's been so long ago that I forgot what the error message was that came up. Recovery wouldn't work and booting with a floppy into a DOS ramdrive & fdisk showed no partitions at all. A hex editor showed nothing on the beginning of the drive at all, but did show data later on the disc. I researched and downloaded almost 20 different data recovery programs and used them all in trial mode. Stellar Phoenix gave me the most info and showed it could rebuild my MFT and I choose to buy it. It did rebuild my Master File Table, the whole file system, and the whole operating system (Windows XP Pro). I think the only thing I lost on the C: drive was some temp files that I didn't need anyway. Thank you Stellar Phoenix. I am now starting to do data recovery on the side and will be buying one of the Data Recovery Software Special Bundle Technicians License versions.


  3. FunTech Mon, 5 June 2006 02:00

    Stellar Phoenix locks up

    I've used this program on two drives. On the first drive, I was able to recover the data by excluding some files that caused this program to lock up. On the second drive, I tried different folders, and each time the program stoped responding. I allotted the program atleast 30 minutes before ending task on the program. If the program were more stable, it would be perfect, as it did recover some files from a drive that Windows said needed to be formatted.


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