Simple DNS Plus

Last Updated on 2 May 2005, Company: JH Software

A DNS server for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003. With Simple DNS Plus you can host your own domain name, or speed up Internet access by running your own DNS server. Simple DNS Plus can be integrated with your web-site for ISP customer signup etc., or even a full web-based DNS solution. Simple DNS Plus is also a DHCP server, it comes with a DNS Look Up tool, and other features...

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  1. James Sanford Wed, 16 March 2005 01:00

    Simple DNS Plus - good product

    I am delighted with Simple DNS Plus. I have only owned it for a few days, but the stations and servers on my internal network are all appreciably faster when accessing sites on the the web. My mail server's efforts to authorize incoming SMTP connections against spam are also appreciably faster AND I feel protected from DNS spoofing (poisoning) now.

  2. Derek Mon, 29 Sept. 2003 02:00

    Excellent Product!!

    This is quite simply the BEST and EASIEST to use Windows DNS Server available.

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