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Last Updated on 21 Jan. 2011, Company: Nixu Software

Nixu Software specializes in DNS, DHCP and IP address management software appliances distributed as ISO images. To make an installation, all you have to do is to boot up a virtual machine or any x86-based general purpose server with an ISO image that auto-installs the entire software stack from a hardened Linux operating system to the application layer in just 10 minutes.

Nixu NameSurfer Suite simplifies and speeds up the administrative processes associated with adding new hosts to network, whether dynamic or static. Thanks to its real-time synchronization with DNS and DHCP services, the IPAM module can be used to manage the distribution and allocation of name and address space, and as a centralized repository for equipment and use-related data. Nixu NameSurfer Suite also includes a graphic real-time display of subnet usage, number of search tools, and advanced user management functionalities.

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