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Last Updated on 18 June 2004, Company: Remote Backup Systems, Inc.

RBackup Remote Backup is a Remote Backup and Restore system containing a Client and al Server. RBackup replaces tape drives and forgetful computer users, operating unattended and automatically to regularly save important data off-site. A scheduler launches the Client, usually at night when computers are not being used. It compresses and encrypts backup files using a choice of encryption methods and key lengths: DES, TDES-128, AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, or Blowfish (up to 448 bit key length.) RBackup then sends backup files off-site to the RBackup Server through the Internet, Intranet, or direct dial-up modems. RBackup has failsafe features, and conforms to standard backup methodology. RBackup can be used to operate a subscription-based retail Remote Backup Service. It comes with an RBS Server and multiple Clients.

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  1. Bob Brady Thu, 5 May 2005 02:00

    Experiences with Remote Backup

    I believe Remote Backup is the best remote backup software available on the market today. And they have verbally assured me that they would help me to resolve any open issues with them. They have also verbally assured me that their are ways to verify the backups are "Good" and my experience with their product failing was a rare occurence. I would probably have to agree.

    I wound up speaking to a wonderful tech at their location that explained the anomolies he percieved to be happening to me and promised to help.

    I believe the Remote-Backup to be reputable and a wonderful product that will compliment your current backup process. This and my previous post were just my humble opinion. PLEASE Download the trial and test it, Im sure you will enjoy the product.

  2. Jeff Springfield Thu, 5 May 2005 02:00

    WONDERFUL Experiences with Remote Backup!

    This stuff saved my business. I lost 120,000 files in a hard drive crash last week and thank goodness I had this software installed for the past year. It restored all my files, not one loss.

    The manufacturer, Remote Backup Systems, helped walk me through the restore AFTER HOURS, even though it turned out to be so simple I didn't really need them. I guess I was just nervous. Gautam (the tech I spoke with) was really helpful and called me back within 5 minutes, and stayed on the phone until after his time to go home.

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