Quest Object Restore for Active Directory

Last Updated on 31 Jan. 2005, Company: Quest Software

Restoring single, deleted objects in Active Directory can be a manual and time-consuming process requiring system downtime. Object Restore for Active Directory is a free, graphical utility that allows you to recover deleted objects in a Windows Server 2003 environment without rebooting a Domain Controller. The freeware utility allows viewing Tombstoned objects in Active Directory and reanimating deleted items using Microsoft's new Tombstone Reanimation interfaces for Windows Server 2003. When you download the Freeware, a 6-month key is built in. You will be prompted to re-register on our site at the end of each 6-month period.

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  1. Wayne Hanks Mon, 7 Aug. 2006 02:00

    Quest object restore rocks..!

    This has prompted me to investigate their full recovery suite. Given that the existing AD tools are less than intuitive, this software was easy to install and use.

    Patersons Securities

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