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Last Updated on 6 Jan. 2011, Company: NovaStor

NovaStor provides simple yet robust solutions for small to mid-size businesses who want to reliably backup their workstation and server data without the need of an IT professional, special training, or an engineering degree. NovaBackup Server, Network, and Remote Workforce products offers huge cost savings over comparable solutions while providing sound best practices procedures of local backup AND online storage.

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  1. Dan Wed, 3 Aug. 2005 02:00

    NovaBackup Server Edition

    I agree. It's a terrible product. Version 6.5 was "the bomb". Version 7 and subsequent releases were not as good. The service doesn't start or the application hangs after getting to 99% of backup. My advice is to stick with Ntbackup or buy something else.

  2. Jeff Richardson Fri, 12 Nov. 2004 01:00

    Nova Backup 7.1

    Terible product! Bought the latest version - would never fully backup to a DVD. Lots of weird behavior and error messages. Called tech support and was told to download an older version that didn't have as many issues. Installed the older version and found the scheduler was working. Called tech support again and was told the scheduler doesn't work in this build of 7.1, which is the only version that can back up to a DVD. ARG!! Got my money back fortunately...

  3. Bruce Marvin Mon, 2 Aug. 2004 02:00

    novabackup 7.1

    Whenever I try to backup to DVD on local network, both computers hang, I have yet to successfully have it backup to DVD, it often closes a DVD with only a partial backup, it often shows verification errors in the log for no apparent reason so I have no way of knowing if the files were successfully backed up. Tech support says this is because the files are open, not true. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

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