GFI Backup - Business Edition

Last Updated on 29 July 2010, Company: GFI Software

GFI Backup - Business Edition provides easy-to-use centralized backup with effortless restore for corporate data such as images, spreadsheets and other documents. It delivers secure web-based management for backing up all data from across the network; provides simple and complete restore from any location using standard Zip archives - meaning no vendor lock-in, and supports removable storage devices, CD/DVD, Blu-ray, tape, NAS and offline via FTP.

GFI Backup - Business Edition installs out of the box with tick-box configuration, allowing administrators to create a single backup task which can be scheduled to run automatically on all network machines at a specified time; hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Customization features allow users to extend and create their own backup and synchronize tasks as required. It issues email notifications of activity and performs comprehensive event logging.

A free 30 day trial is available from their website.


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