Altaro Oops!Backup

Last Updated on 2 Feb. 2011, Company: Altaro Software

Altaro Oops!Backup for Windows 7, Vista & XP is an easy to use and very affordable premium backup-hybrid-versioning solution. With the advanced technology in Altaro Oops!Backup, backing up and restoring data is not a drag anymore.

The inbuilt BackInTime technology allows the user to go back in time to revert to different a version of documents, images & other files. This solves issues such as overwriting a file, finding a misplaced file etc. Other features include backing up of locked files (VSS-Integration), Near-CDP technology and ReverseDelta technology to back up changes only.

Supports backing up to NAS, network drives and external USB drives.

Download a full-featured trial version from Altaro's website.

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