Lepide Active Directory Self Service

Last Updated on 22 March 2016, Company: Lepide Software

We believe that IT teams should be able to automate time consuming tasks such as account unlocking, password re-setting and profile updating. Lepide Active Directory Self Service is a solution that allows you to delegate these tasks to domain users without compromising on security.

To do this, administrators have to enroll users, which can be done in bulk with the help of a CSV file (a CSV in file in proper format is available for download). Thereafter, users can reset their passwords and update their profiles without contacting the IT help desk. For this, they simply have to go through an authentication mechanism that uses pre-configured questions & answers, OTP, or both. GINA/CP facility integrated into the software allows users to unlock their accounts from the login screen. Our solution also provides reports on users with expired passwords, soon-to-expire passwords, and locked accounts.

Active Directory Self Service saves both administrators and end users time; which will have a positive impact on overall productivity.

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