Hardware Inspector

Last Updated on 10 Jan. 2005, Company: Database Harbor Software

Take a look at Hardware Inspector - an inventory tracking automation solution. Hardware Inspector tracks PCs, their configuration, hardware installed, serial numbers for IT equipment or their parts and other IT inventory data. Since the program is capable of importing data from ASTRA, ASTRA32, EVEREST or AIDA32 reports, all current IT inventory information can be entered with a single mouse click. Hardware Inspector comes with a reporting module, capable of creating a variety of reports, such as "Hardware Profile", "Workstation Report", "List of Hardware", "Stock Numbers", "Workstation Output", "Maintenance Performed". All data and reports can be exported to MS Excel. Moreover, the program is scalable, so it does not matter if there are ten PCs in your company or ten thousands. Hardware Inspector allows several administrators to access inventory database online.

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