Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics

Last Updated on 5 Oct. 2015, Company: Goverlan, Inc.

Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics is a behind-the-scenes remote access & diagnostics software for managing users, workstations & servers. Administration & Diagnostics provides a remote management toolset without interruptions. Active Directory Integration & Management: Quickly find users & machines (including VDI, Citrix®, & RDP sessions) with advanced wildcard AD searches. Set passwords policies, unlock accounts, manage user groups, report on user login history & much more.

Never interrupt end-users: Deploy/repair/uninstall software, configure printer and drive mappings, access the Goverlan Task Manager, configure desktop settings, deploy Microsoft and 3rd party application patches & more. Query system information: Query systems information on demand & in real-time, including hardware & peripherals, BIOS & OS information/configurations, running processes & more. For offline or unavailable machines, Goverlan SureData augments reports with the most recent information: real-time for all online machines and last available for all offline machines.

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