DMS - Daemon Monitoring System

Last Updated on 9 Dec. 2004, Company: P3P Tools Inc.

Monitor Linux, OpenBSD, BSDI, FreeBSD, SunOS or any UNIX System with dms. dms Daemon Monitoring System is a set of utilities written in Perl and Visual Basic that monitor the components that make up a UNIX server. These components might typically be the daemons sendmail, inetd, httpd and so forth. Basically if a daemon can be seen on a ps -aux command from root it can be monitored with dms. Restart failed server daemons! Keep your services online all the time. At an interval of 300 seconds a configuration file containing the server daemons that you wish to monitor is scanned. The results are written out to a 'message-pipe' . If one of the 'monitored' daemons is found to be missing, two things will happen, firstly an e-mail will be sent to your appropriate support team, and secondly the dms-server (dmss) will return a code indicating that a daemon is missing. If the web interface is purchased then it will display a 'red' icon denoting a problem. If configured to do so the dms daemon (dmsd) will attempt to restart a missing daemon.

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