Lepide Active Directory Self Service

Last Updated on 6 Oct. 2014, Company: Lepide Software

Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) is a simple web-based utility to manage AD accounts, passwords and domain user’s info through user end. It puts power into the hands of end users to reset their account password, unlock their account and update their personal information in AD through certain preset policies as configured by the admin. It resolves the critical issue of admin time management by almost killing the need of raising tickets for such issues and henceforth, saves downtime and ensures better resource usage.

Domain users can directly reset their password/unlock account from the login (ALT CTRL DEL) screen or from anywhere in the network using a web browser. LADSS allows administrators to configure policies and ensure that all actions performed by users are secure and authorized. Admins can send notifications to users regarding enrollment, bulk enrollment and password expiry. Also, reports keep your admin updated with all performed activities and user status in AD.

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