Lepide Active Directory Self Service

Last Updated on 22 March 2016, Company: Lepide Software

We know that an increasing amount of pressure is being put on IT departments to streamline business processes and this cannot be achieved when time is being spent on time that don’t contribute to overall revenue. We believe that there should be an easy way for IT teams to delegate tasks such as password reset and account unlock. Lepide Active Directory Self Service is our solution; providing the ability to authorize co-workers to perform these tasks without having to call IT. Ultimately this solution makes it easier for the user, easier for the administrator and easier for the whole organization to handle the task of updating the Active Directory.

Domain users can directly reset their password/unlock their account from the login screen or from anywhere in the network using a web browser. Employees can also authorize their co-workers to perform these tasks. Lepide Self Service Solution allows administrators to configure policies and ensure that all actions performed by users are secure and authorized. GUID based identification of users and multifactor authentication facilities make using the solution hassle-free and secure. Admins can send notifications to users regarding enrollment, bulk enrollment and password expiry. Moreover, detailed reports keep the admin updated with all activities and user status in the Active Directory.

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